Simple Brew – is a young Czech brand of the eminent and experienced Ukrainian manufacturer – “Schulz Brewery”. Our headquarters and showroom with ready-made equipment are located in Prague. “Simple Brew” breweries are in line with the latest trends in the brewing industry and are designed to bring a profit and make the process of quality beer brewing fast and comfortable.

Our customers receive:

European maintenance throughout the whole service life of our equipment, virtual layout with equipment placement, connection drawings, supervision-installation under the guidance of our specialist, staff training during the first batches and several exclusive recipes from our company.

Long-term experience allows us to confidently guarantee the high quality and reliability in the implementation of each project.

Every client receives a wide range of services and support:

  • Assistance in the selection of premises for installation
  • Development of technical documentation
  • Delivery of equipment around the world
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Warranty and post warranty maintenance
  • Development of beer recipes
  • Training future brewers in the basics of brewing

Our Concept

The compact Brewhouse section consists of two universal apparatus: Mash/Lauter and Kettle/Whirlpool. Both devices are able to heat, which gives a wide range of opportunities for the implementation of creative ideas of brewers. Small dimensions and advanced piping system of the “Simple Brew” breweries makes the workflow simple and convenient.

Such combination of brewing vessels allows you to make up to 6 batches a day, which significantly affects the overall performance of the brewery.

North American brewhouse type makes it possible to produce high-density beers. Traditional mashing methods (“infusion” and “decoction”) are available.

The vapor removal system (steam condenser) will allow you to efficiently evaporate the wort and get rid of unwanted smells.

We produce high-quality, modern and easy-to-use brewing equipment at an affordable price

In the production process, we use only high-quality materials and components from European manufacturers: stop valves of Czech production, electrical equipment from Germany, electric drives and pumps from Italy, and the brewery itself will be made of Belgian or Finnish stainless steel AISI 304 recommended for use in brewing.

  • Such production is a laborious and delicate process, which includes many operations that require the use of modern equipment.
  • In order to have perfect seams, an automatic longitudinal welding machine is used, and CNC machines are used for accurate surface treatment and accurate geometry.

How does a brewery work? What is simplicity?

  • A brewery consists of a mash-lauter apparatus and a kettle with a whirlpool function.
  • The brewing process covers all the same canonical four stages of the beer brewing process – mashing, filtering, boiling and whirlpooling.
  • Mash preparation and filtration take place in one unit, without the need to transfer the product after mashing in the lauter tun.
  • The boiling of the wort and the protein separation take place in the second apparatus. This arrangement allows you to reduce the time for pumping, as well as the total time spent on a batch.

Why Simple Brew

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High quality and practical

Getting equipment from Simple Brew Are you sure that the equipment works correctly and will last for a long time

Technological and modern

The company Simple Brew keeps up with the times. We are not afraid of bold decisions and implement them first in the market.

Easy to use

The brand is focused on the important. We produce high-quality and professional equipment, easy to operate

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