Constantly growing rivalry forcing brewers to seek the methods of beer production acceleration. CCT is the best option for accelerated wort fermentation and beer maturation. Wort fermentation and beer maturation are made without interruption – this is the main advantage of using the cylinder-conical tank. Applying of CCT reduces the cost of beer brewing and significantly improves its taste.

The Cylinder-Conical Tank intended for wort fermentation, beer fermentation and its saturation with carbon dioxide under excess pressure. These tanks are made of food-grade stainless steel AISI 304. Only European components are used in production, as evidenced by relevant certificates. The company’s management requires the highest level of skill and built quality of the entire line of equipment, including CCT, which will favorably differ from any others within the professional brewing equipment market.


  • continuity of the main and secondary fermentation in a single vessel
  • presence of the hydraulic gate valve
  • high quality stainless steel
  • polished welding seams
  • energy savings and reduction of product losses
  • flexibility of technological process
  • ability to remove the yeast sediment
  • wide neck makes it easy to clean inside the machine
  • simplicity in taking samples
  • possibility of disinfection with hot steam, due to the absence of plastic pieces
  • compactness of the equipment installation, saving useful area space

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