Constantly growing competition, forcing brewers to look for methods to accelerate the production of beer. That CCT is the best option for accelerated fermentation and fermentation of beer. The main advantage of the cylinder-conical tank is that the fermentation of the drink and secondary fermentation takes place without interruption, without the need for pouring liquid into other containers. This reduces the cost of brewing beer, and also significantly improves its taste.

The use of this design in mini breweries significantly affects the compact arrangement of equipment and saves usable space in the room. Technical data of the device, together with good technological knowledge, allow to achieve the excellent quality of the drink of any volume. Cylindro-conical tank helps to speed up the fermentation process, which in turn leads to an increase in beer production.

The cylindro-conical tank is designed for the fermentation of the wort, the fermentation of beer and its saturation with carbon dioxide under excessive pressure. These tanks are made of food grade AISI 304 stainless steel. During production, only European components are used, which is confirmed by relevant certificates. The management of the company requires the highest level of skill and build quality of the entire line of equipment, including and CCT, which will compare favorably with any on the market of professional brewing equipment.

Price and buying of CCT

CCT manufacturing is a laborious process which includes a set of operations that require the use of modern equipment. Machine with automatic longitudinal welding used to have perfect seams.

Neat surface treatment and compliance with precise geometry requires CNC equipment. The cutting of blanks, docking and grinding, as well as the bending of cones, it is not a complete list of the necessary work.

Our company carries out such work at the highest level, and creates unique products for customers, which will meet all the requirements the client.

Delivery and installation of equipment turnkey and warranty service, along with an affordable price will please any buyer.


steel AISI 304
The thickness of the inner wall
2/2,5/3/4 mm
The thickness of the outer wall
1/1,5/2 mm
Thermal insulation layer
80 mm, polyurethane
Liquid refrigerating agent
40% propylene glycol solution
Operating pressure
0,2 MPa
Purification method
Internal surface finish
grinding layer


  • continuity of the main and secondary fermentation in a single vessel
  • presence of the hydraulic gate valve
  • high quality stainless steel
  • polished welding seams
  • energy savings and reduction of product losses
  • flexibility of technological process
  • ability to remove the yeast sediment
  • wide neck makes it easy to clean inside the machine
  • simplicity in taking samples
  • possibility of disinfection with hot steam, due to the absence of plastic pieces
  • compactness of the equipment installation, saving useful area space


Why we
High quality welds
Why we
European accessories
Why we
Internal processing of stainless steel at the level of "mirror"
Why we
More than 100 running projects
Why we
Mandatory testing in the workshop before shipment


Equipment of the "Simple Brew"

Equipment of the “Simple Brew” company complies with technical and technological norms and standards, as evidenced by the necessary certificates:

– Certificate of conformity.
– European TUV certificate (Directive 2006/42 / EU on the safety of machinery and equipment) and CE marking.
– Declaration of Conformity of the TP of the Customs Union.
– Certificate of quality manufacturer.

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