For bottling beer and highly foaming drinks, our company offers – Semi automated bottle filling machine.
Filling capacity: 400 bottle/h;
Filling method: upward isobar filling;
Bottle volume: 330 ml-500 ml glass bottle;
Weight: 200 kg.


  • continuity of the main and secondary fermentation in a single vessel
  • presence of the hydraulic gate valve
  • high quality stainless steel
  • polished welding seams
  • energy savings and reduction of product losses
  • flexibility of technological process
  • ability to remove the yeast sediment
  • wide neck makes it easy to clean inside the machine
  • simplicity in taking samples
  • possibility of disinfection with hot steam, due to the absence of plastic pieces
  • compactness of the equipment installation, saving useful area space


Why we
High quality welds
Why we
European accessories
Why we
Internal processing of stainless steel at the level of "mirror"
Why we
More than 100 running projects
Why we
Mandatory testing in the workshop before shipment

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Equipment of the "Simple Brew"

Equipment of the “Simple Brew” company complies with technical and technological norms and standards, as evidenced by the necessary certificates:

– Certificate of conformity.
– European TUV certificate (Directive 2006/42 / EU on the safety of machinery and equipment) and CE marking.
– Declaration of Conformity of the TP of the Customs Union.
– Certificate of quality manufacturer.

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