Our breweries

When developing the Simple Brew equipment, it was important for us to solve several problems at once. Our team has spent more than one month to solve each task, and now we are ready to present kits of breweries that meet the highest requirements of the industry.

We are serious about producing brewing equipment, and we often compare this process with the process of assembling good cars, when every detail affects the final result. To create a good beer is an art, and to produce equipment for a good beer is a science.


Easy to manage

Technology does not stand still. Every day there are opportunities to make the brewing process easier and we use them. With Simple Brew, you do not need to spend months and years to understand how to make quality beer. Just load the ingredients, press a few buttons, and the rest of the brewery will do it yourself.

High quality

In production we use European components: Belgian or Finnish stainless steel AISI 304, German electrical equipment, electric drives from Italy and Czech shut-off valves. In order to have ideal seams, a machine with automatic longitudinal welding is used, and CNC machines for surface treatment.

Maximum Performance

In the equipment Simple Brew, we applied a fresh approach to increase productivity: in one boiler, there is a wort and filtration, after which the mash is pumped to the second boiler, boiled and virpulated. So, right after the first boiler is released, you can start a new cook. For 16 hours on Simple Brew you can produce 4 cookies.


2 types of breweries for different purposes

We have developed 2 types of breweries, which differ in the volume of productivity. The first type is 500 liters. perfect for restaurants, and the second type – 1000 liters. will be ideal for the production of craft or traditional beer in a small brewery.

SB 500 Brewery

SB 1000 Brewery