We make brewing affordable

Brewing systems for business

Simple Brew is a new Czech brand that produces brewing equipment and keeps up with the latest trends in this industry. When creating the equipment, we were inspired by the changes that have occurred in the culture of consumption and production of beer over the last few years. Our breweries are designed to create quality beer and bring profit.

Features of Simple Brew breweries.
High productivity – 4 brews in 16 hours.
Simplicity of control – tablet control availability.
High quality – European components and technologies.




3 year warranty


Free training


free technical support

Our breweries

SB 500 brewery

Every artist needs inspiration. Simple Brew considers brewing to be an art, therefore it encourages restaurant business owners to “revive” their business by installing SB 500 micro brewery. If you are planning to install a micro brewery in your restaurant, leave a request on our website and our responsible managers will contact you to make an offer.

SB 1000 brewery

The SB 1000 brewery is high-tech equipment that allows you to accelerate the payback of the project and also to start production of your own beer in the shortest possible time. You can pour beer into bottles and keg or bottle your beer, selling it to local restaurants, pubs, pizzerias and retail. Leave a request on our site and get an individual offer.

How to start a brewery

Simple Brew helps entrepreneurs implement ideas in the field of brewing.
We provide information and technical support regarding any of your questions.
Cooperation with our company starts with the first contact and is divided into a number of main stages:



You leave an application on the website
We calculate the payback of the project
Sign the contract



We design a 3D project to arrange the equipment
We provide you with a technical specification to prepare the premises for installation



We produce equipment (60-90 days)
We deliver it to you (up to 10 days)
We install equipment, carry out pilot brewing and train your staff

Bonuses for you:

– Certificates (equipment, training)
– Materials and components
– 3 beer recipes

Our guarantees:

– online technical support
– Warranty service (up to 5 years for tanks and up to 1 year for components and electrical appliances)
– Post-warranty service

More accurate qualification assessment of the return on your business investments may be obtained by leaving an application on the Sim2ple Brew website and the company’s experts will provide you with an individual calculation of the brewery’s payback, which will ensure the profitability of the project.

The basic data that the company needs to calculate is:

1. Sales volume, liters of beer / month.
2. The cost of renting a room;
3. Utilities expenses (electricity and water are included in the cost of beer);
4. Salary of employees;
5. Marketing expenses;
6. Transportation costs;
7. Other expenses.



Why is it worth investing in brewing equipment?

Realization of your ideas and creative potential in brewing.

High profitability and fast return on investments.

Independence from local beer suppliers.

The brewery will become the hallmark of your restaurant.

The opportunity to surprise your guests with new varieties of beer.


The cost of a brewery depends on the equipment and production capacity. Please, specify this information when dealing with our specialists and we will provide you with the kit price. This cost comprises production of brewery, arrangement of equipment, commissioning, experimental cooking, warranty and post-warranty service.

To calculate the cost and selling price of your beer just make a request on our website and our experts will advise and provide you a detailed calculation of beer cost according to analysis in your region for FREE.

The logistics department of the company Simple Brew organizes the delivery of your equipment to anywhere in the World under the most favorable conditions.

The beer can be stored in CCT up to 2 months, after bottling in kegs for 5 days, and being bottled in bottles for up to 6 months.

To calculate the cost and selling price of your beer just make a request on our website and our experts will advise and provide you a detailed calculation of beer cost according to analysis in your region for FREE.

According to statistics, it is advisable to open a brewery with a capacity of 1000 liters for every 50 000 inhabitants the demand for which is proven by dozens of successful projects.

Schulz Company offers you a variety of payment options. You can split the payment to make a 40% advance payment followed by the supplemental payment during the brewery manufacture, which is certainly easier on the financial side.

Yes, our equipment complies with all technical and technological regulations and standards. Our company has certificates:

“Certificate of conformity”;
Declaration of conformity with technical regulations of the Customs Union (CU TR);
European TUV certificate (Directive 2006/42 / EC on the safety of machinery and equipment) and the CE mark;
Certificate of quality of the manufacturer.

One’s got several options for beer sales:
Distributing the product in draft beer shops, bars, pubs and restaurants;
Selling beer styles in private establishments or net facilities;
Selling the product in major retail chains under one’s own brand.

Mission of Simple Brew

We make professional brewing affordable due to new solutions.


We regularly rethink every aspect of our work, inspired by better ideas from other areas.


We are in constant search of new solutions and we do not limit ourselves to the existing ones.


Attention to detail and ease of use distinguish Simple Brew from its competitors.

Brewery on a turn-key basis is a reliable investment.

Statistics for 2014-2017 years shows that having established a brewery in a city with a population of more than 20 000 people, the customer receives stable demand for products from the first months.

Such results indicate a young, developing market of craft beer, a market with high return on investment (ROI).

Therefore, a private brewery is an excellent business opportunity that will allow both brewing entirely natural beer of excellent quality and getting a good profit due to high profitability of the brewing business.