The main activity of the company Simple Brew is producing breweries with a capacity of 500 liters and 1000 liters of wort per batch.

Brewing systems for business

The headquarters are located in Prague, and the regional representative offices in Moscow, Kiev and Krakow.

  • Many years of experience allow us to guarantee high quality and reliability in the performance of each project.
  • Each customer receives a whole range of services except the equipment itself. These are such positions as assistance in selection of premises for installation, audit of the premises by specialists of our company, development of technical documentation, delivery of equipment to most of the world’s major countries, installation work, commissioning, development of beer recipes and training future brewers. 

Simple Brew – an innovator in creating solutions for professional brewing! 



1. The concept of the brewery from Simple Brew

The concept of the brewing order is based on a symbiosis of the operation of the mash-filtering apparatus and Kettle/Whirlpool.

  • Brewing as an infusion method along with a decoction method are implemented.
  • Control of the brewery is carried out from the touchscreen panel, which is conveniently located on the maintenance site.
  • Each of the units has a heated steam jacket.
  • On both units, interior lighting is illuminated, dioptres with flow illumination are applied and transparent glass hatches are installed, which allow to visually control the progress of the beer brewing process.
  • The brewery has a high-capacity motor-reducer (+ 40%) from the standard version and a stirrer structure is reinforced.
  • The total useful volume of each of the devices is increased by 20% of the standard – this provides the opportunity to brew both traditional and high-density types of beer.
  • The brewery (optional) includes a steam condensation system that will simplify the removal of fumes and eliminate odors inherent in brewing.
  • In the underscreen space of the breweries, a rotary washing CIP head is located.
  • The screens consist of 4 parts for convenient and complete removal and to facilitate cleaning.
  • Oxidation of wort while brewing is minimized due to absence of need to transfer mash from one device to another, and also due to the piping peculiarities.
  • The pump performance allows disclosing the brewhouse functionality in full.
  • The service platform is made back-convex.
  • To improve the design, a perforated metal sheet is added to the design (it hides the supports and strapping of the apparatus).
  • A new design of the stairs and service platform is applied.

2. We produce high-quality, modern and easy-to-use equipment for brewing at an affordable price.

In the production process we use only high-quality materials and components from European manufacturers: valves from Czech Republic, electrical equipment from Germany, electric drives from Italy, and the brewery itself will be made of Belgian or Finnish stainless steel AISI 304, recommended for use in brewing.

  • The production of equipment is a laborious and filigree process, which includes many operations that require the use of modern equipment.
  • In order to have ideal seams, a machine with automatic longitudinal welding is used, and CNC machines are used for neat surface treatment and accurate geometry.

3. How does the brewery work? What is simplicity?

  • The brewery consists of a mash-lautering apparatus and a brewing apparatus with a whirlpool function.
  • The process of brewing covers all the same canonical four stages of the process of brewing beer, i.e. mashing, lautering, boiling and whirlpooling.
  • Mashing and lautering pass in the same apparatus, which makes it possible to prepare a thicker mash and reduce the hydromodule.
  • The possibility of carrying out the decoction method of mashing is implemented.
  • Wort boiling and virpulization are carried out in the second apparatus. This arrangement allows you to reduce the time for pumping, as well as the total time spent on brewing.
  • In addition to this, the brewing arrangement allows to shorten the time between brews and as a result to increase the number of possible brews per day to 5.