Creating a good beer is an art.

Developing the equipment to make good beer is a science

In Simple Brew, science works for art.


Our breweries

When developing the Simple Brew equipment, it was important for us to solve several problems at once. Our team has spent more than one month to solve each task, and now we are ready to present kits of breweries that meet the highest requirements of the industry. We are serious about producing brewing equipment, and we often compare this process with the process of assembling good cars, when every detail affects the final result. To create a good beer is an art, and to produce equipment for a good beer is a science.

High quality

In production we use European components: Belgian or Finnish stainless steel AISI 304, German electrical equipment, electric drives from Italy and valves Czech Republic . In order to have ideal seams, a machine with automatic longitudinal welding is used, and CNC machines for surface treatment.

Maximum Performance

In the equipment Simple Brew, we applied a fresh approach to increase productivity: in the first unit there is mashing and lautering is carried out, after which the wort is pumped to the second unit for boiling and whirlpooling. So, right after the mash tun is empty, you can start a new brewing. For 16 hours on Simple Brew you can produce 4 brews.

Brewery Simple Brew is a high-tech equipment that has a quick payback period, and allows you to quickly start production of its own beer


In the brewery, both tanks are boilers, in the first one there is a mash and immediately filtration. Then the wort is pumped to the second tank once, boiling and precipitation of proteins take place there.

Simple Brew Breweries have a direct process line and the wort does not return, as it does in conventional breweries.


2 способа варки

Production area – 1500 sq.m.

Производственные площади

Производственные площади

Производственные площади

Simple Brew is a complete production cycle.

We guarantee the quality of our products.




Equipment of the "Simple Brew"

Equipment of the “Simple Brew” company complies with technical and technological norms and standards, as evidenced by the necessary certificates:

– Certificate of conformity.
– European TUV certificate (Directive 2006/42 / EU on the safety of machinery and equipment) and CE marking.
– Declaration of Conformity of the TP of the Customs Union.
– Certificate of quality manufacturer.

Reliable partner and high-quality equipment – the key to your successful business! 🍺

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