In Moscow, in “Crocus Expo”, has already passed the traditional for spring, the exhibition BevialeMoscow. The exhibition did not hit the scale, but it turned out very representative and interesting. Much attention was paid to the production of brewing equipment, arrived both by Russian companies and by producers from a wide variety of countries. For demonstration, four cooking facilities were installed in the hall! (and even the same, small breweries were represented, with the size of the house – by 100 liters or less).

Simple Brew is a project of a new high-quality level, the headquarters will be located in Prague and the main equipment will be Czech manufacture (components – and other European manufacturers).
Simple brew is different from classical (although on such a principle, usually work domestic breweries, and similar breweries of industrial purpose are also found) – in it, the boiler is simultaneously a filter, and the boiler – at the same time and a whisk. Such a scheme has certain advantages – so it is not possible to pour a wort from an octopus into a filter, it is possible to simultaneously boil the first batch of wort and simultaneously start to rub the second one.

Incorporation of the technology of vipping directly into the cooking pot is also logical. The technological process looks like this: in a boiler-filtration boiler, which has steam heating, the wort is rubbed, after the saccharification, it is filtered through the net falshly into the boiler, also having its own heating, running from the steam generator. The wort is boiled, after boiling, it is twisted, creating the effect of the viper and is directed to the plate heat exchanger for cooling. Possibly rubbing with melting. The stirrers are equipped with high-power motors for mixing even very tight congestion, to facilitate the washing, a rotary washing head is placed in the dipping space. Boiler volume increased by 20% in relation to nominal capacity, control will be computerized.

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