Floors, walls, ceilings in industrial premises:

  • it is necessary to waterproof the floors in industrial premises
  • to observe a slope of 2 cm / 1 m to the drains
  • to make self-leveling floors, or lay floor tiles for industrial use. 
  • it is necessary to ensure a smooth but non-slip surface of the floors using chemically resistant materials (cleaning and disinfection agents)
  • to cover the walls of industrial premises with tiles up to 1.5 m
  • doorways dimensions: height 1.8 m, width 1.45 m (minimum) for equipment entry
  • the height of the ceiling in fermentation compartment: 2.8 m (minimum)
  • it is necessary to make a ceiling in the brewhouse from steam-resistant material as in the kitchens of restaurants


  • sewer pipes made of heat-resistant (+ 75 ° C) and chemically resistant material, diameter 100 mm (at least), drain drains with grate
  • laying of sewer pipes accordingly to the technological scheme of the supplier, agreed with the customer


  • pipe size 3/4 “, cranes are placed accordingly to the technological scheme – height 1 m, hose connection points equiped with 3/4 “, 5/8” end pipes
  • water pressure 3 atm (minimum)
  • laying the pipeline system accordingly to the technological scheme of the supplier, agreed with the customer
  • we recommend to irradiate the brewing water with ultraviolet radiation in order to disinfect
  • water for beer brewing must be eliminated from chlorine and other flavors – by filtration through a charcoal filter. Water softening is also recommended (disposal of hydrocarbons)


  • 380 V drive – 3 phases, zero / ground
  • installation of electrical wiring in accordance with the technological scheme of the supplier, agreed with the customer
  • electrical wiring from the distribution cabinet to the control panels of the brewery is laid by the customer, accordingly to the connection points in the technological scheme
  • supplier pads electrical wiring from control panels to equipment of the brewhouse, fermentation compartment and to the cooling system
  • sockets (220 V) with vapor-tight and waterproof facing at a height of 1.5 m from the floor, placed accordingly to the technological scheme
  • grounding of all brewery tanks
  • lamps in the brewhouse must have a watertight and waterproof facing

Ventilation of industrial premises:

  • temperature in production premises from + 15 to + 25 ° C is required
  • it is necessary to provide a fourfold air exchange in the premises of the cooking, fermentation and pouring compartments during one working shift (at least)

Steam outlet from the brewing boiler:

  • during intensive cooking, hot steam exits the wort kettle (50 kg of water / hour), which must be taken outside the

premises of the brewhouse. For this purpose, we recommend you to leave a hole in the wall or ceiling near the wort kettle (diameter 120 mm) accordingly to the designation on the scheme, developed by the supplier and agreed by the customer.

Cooling system:

  • for convenient care of the condenser system we recommend to place the refrigeration unit in an easily accessible place, preferably on the north side of the building to protect it from direct sunlight

Personnel requirements:

  • to service a brewery with a capacity of 300 hl / year, 1 person is needed: a brewer. The appropriate education of brewer is welcomed (technical school / university). For every 500 hl of productivity improvement, you need to take another worker.

How production is built?

The main stages of beer production:

  • raw material preparation;
  • preparation of beer wort;
  • fermentation of wort with yeast;
  • additional fermentation;
  • filtration;
  • bottling. The best containers for finished products are kegs.

We can prepare for you the Technical Specification for the preparation of the premises, which includes:

  • premises audit;
  • arrangement of equipment in 2D format (according to the plan of your premises);
  • Technical Specification for sewage;
  • for ventilation;
  • for power supply;
  • for cold and hot water supply;
  • for tiling of production premises.

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