Year of discovery: 2018
Brewery: 1000 liters per brew
Volume: 500l / 2pcs
Address: TC "Mary" (Moscow)

In February 2018, Simple Brew took part in the international exhibition for the production of beverages Beviale Moscow 2018. The presentation of the equipment was so successful that on the second day a contract was signed for the purchase of an exhibition kit. Now the equipment, with a capacity of 1000 liters per brew, is ready for installation in a pub under construction in the new Mary shopping center (Moscow).

In Simple Brew brewing equipment, unlike earlier breweries, the brewing order has been drastically changed. Now it consists of a mash-filtration apparatus and a wort-whirlpool. The possibility of cooking by the infusion and decoction method is implemented, diopters with backlight flow are applied, each apparatus has a steam heating jacket. The manufacturer offers brewing equipment with a capacity of 500 and 1000 liters per brew.

“A team of Czech engineers worked on improving the Simple Brew breweries for over a year. We set a goal – to make the work of the Brewers more efficient, while simplifying service. They also improved the design of the equipment, ”noted the Founder of the company, Bahrom Kalandarov.

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